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Canicule ! ♣♣♣ Des scientifiques expliquent pourquoi la nature améliore les capacités d'attention ♣♣♣ Je pense, tu penses, il pense etc. ♣♣♣ Le poème






Extrait :



"“How Nature Improves the Brain”


American marine biologist Rachel Carson remarked in Silent Spring, “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” Numerous citizens of the United States don’t realize how fortunate they are to reside right by nature and experience the countryside consistently. Whether experiencing nature virtually or in the real world, the effects nature has on your brain are immediate. Nature enhances one’s attention span, creativity, and happiness while decreasing anxiety and stress levels. 


Something I enjoy about nature is how peaceful it is. Activities such as fishing, camping, and swimming are just some of the ways you can experience the outdoors. When I’m outside, I feel like the whole world is in balance. Studies show that being outside and a part of nature will decrease stress and make us more reassured. According to Jill Suttie, “The reasons for this effect are unclear; but scientists believe that we evolved to be more relaxed in natural spaces.” This means we were formerly adapted to dwell outside like every other creature on Earth.


Researcher Jill Suttie also mentions, “In a now-classic laboratory experiment by Roger Ulrich of Texas A&M University and colleagues, participants who first viewed a stress-inducing movie and were then exposed to color/sound videotapes depicting natural scenes, showed much quicker, more complete recovery from stress than those who’d been exposed to videos of urban settings.” This quote indicates that exposure to nature will have a faster, more effective recovery from stress. However, people observing urban settings didn’t have a remarkable recovery from the stress-related movie. In conclusion, these studies have proven that people in nature have reduced stress levels and are less irritable than humans that live in an urban setting."






Merci Kronix :





“This poem came out of the frustration of being asked to speak up at several recent readings, during which I began to notice two patterns: 1. The request often came from a certain kind of woman who thought she was doing the rest of the audience a favor and 2. It was always after I read the fast-paced ‘poem that wrote me into beast in order to be read’

—so I realized it isn’t that they can’t hear me, it’s that they can’t keep up. So I made a poem at a frequency they ‘can’t hear.’
This one goes out to my beast sibs. Taking inspiration from Justin Phillip Reed, Harryette Mullen, and Rirkrit Tiravanija. A question though: What are they doing with all that yoga and meditation if they can’t stay present for the poem?”


L'auteur du poème que je vais mettre en ligne ci-dessous explique  comment son texte est né.

"Ce poème vient de la frustration engendrée par le fait que l'on m'ait demandé de prendre la parole lors de plusieurs séances récentes de lecture, où j'ai remarqué deux tendances : 1. la demande venait d'un genre de femme qui pensait ainsi faire une faveur aux autres auditeurs et 2, c'était toujours après que j'ai lu un poème au rythme rapide qu'on m'écrivait à l'instinct pour qu'il soit lu.  

— J'ai ainsi réalisé que ce n'était pas parce qu'ils n'avaient pas entendu, c'était parce qu'ils n'avaient pas capté. J'ai donc fait un poème à une fréquence qu'ils ne peuvent pas entendre (à l'oreille).

Celui-ci va à mes frères de l'instinct. J'ai pris mon inspiration de Justin Phillip Reed, Harryette Mullen, et Rirkrit Tiravanija. Une question pourtant : que font-ils de tout ce yoga et de cette méditation s'ils ne peuvent être présents pour un poème ?


Le poème : 


"startling semiannual saccharine sensitivity to sentencing in a season of severing and severances to so called civil servants of streachery and separation i sense a series of spectators or investigators wont save us like stolen generators nothing speculative about spectacles we beasts spit and sputter spits and sputters splitting sutures of your occipital up your occidental skeptical of this spectacular softness of this plexus flex i choose the best for myself swearing the swivel of the stank of spangled smear with speared wet spirit spent to coalesce in this nonsense that’s the thing about your language is i make it sound so good it doesnt have to make sense they is all what you is where you from someone tell these oxymorons we is dual citizens former resident aliensss and we have only just begun counting down this society’s days with the efficiency of arabic numerals."


Voilà. Je l'ai entendue la colère sourde. Patience Marwa !

Texte de Marwa Helal, qui s'intitule Les jours sont comptés.




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