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cueille le jour

Hédonisme mis à rude épreuve quand chaque minute compte. Lisez plutôt ce texte en anglais surréaliste :


un extrait : 

"The grievors asserted that there was no venal motive for their practice. They stated that the practice was more a matter of convenience, and that the employee who did not punch in, whom they described as being rather slow moving, was always close behind the one who did. In response to the suggestion that the practice had the effect of concealing one employee's lateness, they stated that, because of the nature of their jobs, they often had to remain past the end of their shifts without claiming overtime.


The arbitrator concluded that, while the arrangement between the grievors had not been made for the purpose of defrauding the company, it was motivated by their desire to hide one grievor's lateness. This, he held, although not as serious as a scheme to obtain payment for time not worked, was still a breach of trust by the grievors." Intégral :



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